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Welcome to the Blood Shoguns Website

      Blood Shoguns was formed to try to eliminate the drama associated with a lot of the major guilds on Gorefiend.  This is a guild formed to make the game less about gear and more about companionship and enjoyment.  Progression is always a key to any guild but in this guild it will not be held to the extent that members will feel ignored, humiliated, or belittled in order to see one more boss or get the highest gear.  As the Shogun Master I have been to many major guilds including Vex, Redcell, Shadowhearts, Malevolent gaze, and yes even heart of the wild and other lower guilds.  During my time with these guilds I have seen many improper uses of lead positions.  I feel that all members of the guild are important.  All members should have an equal chance at success to the chance of any leader.  Because of this I have chosen to use the EpGp loot system that is given a full explanation on this website.  Gear will be distributed fairly and can be accurately checked by any guild member using the EpGp mod to see their standing on the next piece of loot.

Guild Rules:

1. Have fun.  Its a game and its meant to be enjoyed.  Sometimes we loose track of that and getting that next item makes it a job.

2. Be respectful.  Treat others the way they want to be treated!  No drama means no drama if something happens that you don't like handle it like an adult.

3. Gear up.  The bank & guild leaders can help with enchants, gems, and sometimes BOE items.  If you need a specific piece of loot from a heroic instance, set a time and ask for help.  Badge gear is easy to get and we are here to help you get it but, its up to you to work towards it on your own also.

4. Help out.  The guild bank was origionally founded and completely funded as well as filled by the founding members.  Contribute if you can so that we may continue to keep repairs open as well as enhancements available.

5. Help out.  If a guildy needs a run help out just like the officers do.

6. Lend your opinion.  Be sure to let the leaders know your ideas.  We want to make it enjoyable for all.

7. Be responsible.  If you sign up for a raid be sure to attend or let an officer know ahead of time why you cannot.  Also wearing the Blood shogun title means representing the guild.  Make sure your actions always follow the rules even when not running with guildies.

Links for easy access to information on your class and spec. - Site about all classes and specs as well as videos for raiding. - a broad overview of world of warcraft - Information on Professions, Dungeon and raid drops, and gear. - Flow charts to help you choose the best gear, and a ranking system to show you which piece will be the best improvement for your class. - Access to free mods that can improve your game play and even help you increase your output. - Access to your gear score, possible improvements to your gear, and an easy way to check the gear of pugs. - Full run down of your toon as well as suggestions for gear upgrades.
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EPGP refining
Current Ep rewards:
1. Signing up and making it into the raid        10pts
2. Having flasks ready for start                      10pts
3. Being online at least 15 mins prior to raid   10pts
4. Regular raiding 15pts per 15 minutes         60pts per hour
5. Progression raiding 30pts per 15 mins.       120pts per hour
6. Downing farm boss                                   20pts
7. Downing progression boss                         60pts
8. Regular standby 5pts per 5 mins                20pts per hour
9. Progression standby 15pts per 15 mins.      60 per hour

Extras:  First tuesday of every month donating 200 gold to the guild bank will award you 30 ep.  This is the same amount you would recieve for showing up on time signed up for the raid flasked and accepted into the raid.  The gold will help keep the bank open to repairs for raiding members.

Special Note:  Raiding members who get asked to switch between main toons to allow for better progression of the guild will be allowed to combine their points onto one toon once per month.

Special note #2:  If you are awarded points for standby and then are not available when needed penalties will be applied to compensate for not actually being on standby.  Standby toons will not be awarded ep for boss downings either.
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